Gate of Power

(for Commodore Plus/4,C16,C116)

A graphic adventure conceived in 1984.
Re-coded and visually improved in 2014 by J. Engel.
Music added by Csabo (see at Plus4World)

Click into the applet window. Hit a key to stop the title animation.
- this is the DoReCo version -
Web-enabled through TEDIE (TED incomplete emulator). You should have a fast CPU...
Saving & loading the game state ('load', 'save' and 'dir') is not yet available via the web.

Many thanks to Csabo for all these fantasic tunes!

Download of .D64-files:

Gate of Power was conceived in 1986 - here are some images of the original version:

Original BASIC code of introduction

First scene of original version

Saved by a ship in the original version

Re-coding the game in 2014 - here are some images of the new version:

Floppy disc of the new version

First scene of new version

Saved by a ship in the new version